Meet Nick:

Nick McDowell is a Chicago-based writer, actor, and improviser. Originally from Belvidere, IL, Nick moved to Chicago in 2011 to study at Columbia College Chicago, where he received a BA in Comedy Writing and Performance & Fiction Writing with Honors in 2015.


Prior to the 2020 pandemic, Nick performed in improv and sketch productions at notable Chicago institutions, including The Second City, iO Chicago, The Annoyance, and The Playground Theater. Nick has also drafted a novel, a feature-length screenplay, and a few TV pilots. While he has extensive stage experience, he recently set his focus on the film and television industries.

When Nick isn't performing or creating new work, he enjoys:

  • Biking through Chicago

  • Going on vacation with his family

  • Learning Spanish with Duolingo and teaching myself guitar

  • Researching cheap flights

  • Visiting home

  • Being outdoors / by water / camping

  • Spending time with dogs

  • Singing karaoke with his Second City night staff family

  • Eating copious amounts of comfort food

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